Fitness Over 50

How I acheived a
fit body
after 50

My Story


I learned at young age that nothing is achieved without hard work. When I started training in my early fifties I applied that ethic. However, I was not prepared for set backs that included injury, strength plateaus, result durations, and total frustration. Fortunately, through perseverance and determination, I continue to grow and evolve.

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Trial & error

Through this process I have tried a multitude of workout routines, supplements, diet plans, specilty exercises, yoga and meditation. I made gains with all of this expert advice, but there is always a new barrier to overcome. My understanding of the complexities of my body continues to improve as I age.

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Recovery and repair

I now know all the training and nutrition is for naught if you do not let your body repair and grow. Your body is an incredible gift and I am continuing to learn what my body can tolerate as I age so that I continue achieve my ever expanding fitness goals. Discovering that you are never too old to change has been enlightning.

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Striving to surpass my peak fitness at 69 years old

I began resistance training at 54 years old, my doctor and others believed gaining muscle at my age was limited, as I grow older, my hormones and recovery ablilities are diminished. I realized that the more focused my training became, the more I proved the critics wrong. I have gained 40 pounds of muscle and continue to improve my overall fitness daily. If you are willing to comit to your quality of life and longevity, it can be done. Never being an athelete, is not an excuse to improve your fitness at 54 or any age.